August 26, 2005

Open to the World

The internet is a very open and free place. If you have done anything on the internet, posted, whatever, its kept forever. I have found postings I did on old Usenet groups going back as for as 1993!!! To keep this place of information somewhat organized and categorized, search engines came about. One in particular has a very unique and the most indepth indexes around.

Because of that, everything is searchable. The majority of people out there who make a website, post to the internet, open up a port on their computer that think that they are hidden unless the announce themselves and/or email around the website. WRONG. You computer advertises you just fine. It's people like me who exploit it. For those who dont protect their crap and leave it open for the world to see, too bad for them.

The fun things to do is search of default settings of web cams. Whether it's intentional or not, I think its half and half, its fun top watch the world.

Here are a few good ones I have come across. The first few are server rooms. Rooms, by design, are secure, locked down and tight. They contain computers and data. However, these can be watched and studied.
- A Small one
- A bigger one
- A Big One

I have come across lot of web cams for cafes, bars, and eating establishments:
- Billiard Hall
- A Coffee SHop called the Acorn
- Baskin Robbins in Asia somewhere

I have many, many more links. When I get some real juicy ones I will share.

Joe, Moving On...

August 23, 2005

Profanity's Overkill

I love to swear. I love inventing new words. Why? Because the standard words, the 'norms', the regulars are losing their power. They are becomming commonplace. They are becomming part of the regular language, no longer profanity, the shock value is slipping. Here are some examples...

As I sit here, laptop on browsing the world of the Internet... the wife has Sex and the City re-runs on TBS. I am focused on the computer, not watching the show. But, I am listening and noticed they are allowing "bullshit" spewing out. Not a huge word, but TBS at 8pm... TBS is close to NBC. Comedy Central will show movies, all profanity, all everything after midnight. So what. When I was growing up the only swearing I heard on TV was maybe, MAYBE a 'bitch'... then 'ass' came in more and more. The only real swearing was on HBO or rented movies my parents didn't allow me to watch. That was it. They had power because they were prohibited. They were taboo. They were shocking words.

But now it's changing, they are more and more slipping into the mainstream and because of that calling someone a shithead or asshole...just doesn't have the value it used to. That's why I invent new words, I am a combo guy, combining a whole bunch of words together into a new one. Turn on MTV or any reality TV show... all the dialog is are repetative 'bleeps'... if you are a swearer, it's not hard to know what the 'bleeping' 'bleeps' are bleeping out. 'Bleep' them!

Now instead of an asshole, I have to call someone a buttfucking, jis drinking faggot or a dumbfuck shitlicker. It's sad really... we need one word shock values.

Fuck it!

Joe, Moving on...

August 19, 2005

Joe's Reading List

This is going to be the main area for my reading corner. What I'm currently reading and what I recommend to others. More than likely, what is currently being read will not make the recommendation list. Like everything out there... there's a bunch of shit you have to get through to find the good stuff.

Currently Reading

Seperation of Power by Vince Flynn is my current publication of asorbtion.
The next on the list will probably be the Chronicles of Narnia. Had the books for 20 years...never read them. With the movies coming, better time than ever to get them done.

Joe's Recommendations

The Loch is one of the best fiction books I've read in a long time. Gripping, mystery, lore, myth, couldn't put it down.

State of Fear by Michael Chricton is a great book. It's a fiction story surrounded by true facts and scientific data. The story center arounds the B.S. and propaganda that is global warming.

Freakonomics is a facinating book about a new way to look on the aspects of life. Very detailed, very indepth, very intriguing. Non-fiction. I highly recommend.

August 18, 2005

Knowledge is Good

Brain fry. My mind is turning into mush. I have spent the week in the hardest, most intense training I have been in since college. Linux training. I am a Windows engineer. Windows guru. You name it, I know it. Security, architecture, use, tricks, tips, secrets, I'm rather good. But, in the world of technology the worst thing someone can do is stay a guru on a single tool. If you do... 3-5 years is your life cycle of usefulness. In this line of work, you need to be on the leading edge or you will be left behind.

That brings us to Linux. Time to learn Linux, the wave of the future in the geek world. In the one week course... I'm sold. Linux can provide the flexibility, stability, and security that Windows is slowing losing ground on. I spend more time patching, securing and locking down my Windows servers than progressing forward with them. Sad. Wastes time. Etc... So the move has begun in my world to look at Linux as the alternative. Like I said before, I'm sold. Nothing I do on Windows I can't do on Linux.

I'm a geek. So what. Learning is good for all. Those who say reading, learning, and expanding your knowledge ends at the last day of school.... well.... that's why we have a Bell Curve. (those who expand their mind will understand that...)

Joe, Moving on...

August 6, 2005

Taking Life Too Seriously

The older I get I have realized the more defined and detailed my beliefs, understandings, and how I percieve the world is becomming. I have also began to realize and understand the various classifications of the types of people in the world. The interesting is, that most people walking around in the 'common realms' are the most diverse and screwed up.

There are a few categories that people fall into.
1) The Routiners
These are the people who get up at the same time everyday. Goto work the
same way everyday. Have a few kids who also become routiners. These people
grow old, retire, and fade away. They are happy people and the most

2) The Blinders
These are the most dangerous of the people out there. These are the ones
who go about their lives, not thinking about the consequences of their
actions because they live thinking that all the society rules,
governments, people around them will take care of them. They are oblivious
to the world around them, talk on the cell phones driving the largest cars
on the road and don't care because they have insurance.

3) The King-Shits
These are the most annoying, anti-social, and double crossing people. This
group thinks that they are the King-Shit, what they say goes and no one
can say any different. These are the people who send food back at
resturaunts. These are the ones who return an item at the last day of a
product warranty. These are the people who sue Mirror Companies because
the reflections make them look ugly and suffer "emotional distress". In my
mind these are the real anchors in alot of issues with the world today.

I have others, I could go in to detail on the ones listed. But I have such a wide range of classifications, types, behavioral patterns I don't want to list them all here. I have deeply considered putting them together into somekind of "Life for Dummies" or "Survival Guide to America" book. Done right, that could be my meal ticket. This blog's prupose is to get me practice on writing, perfecting explanations of ideas, and all the other writing etiquette crap.

Who knows?

Joe, Moving On...

August 1, 2005

Time for Myself

I am getting up there in years, almost 30, I have a very serious and professional career, on my second home, couple cars, getting married... yet I am the biggest kid at heart. The future wife and I took the day off and hit the Minnesota delivery of an amusement park, Valleyfair. It's not on any national lists of the biggest, wildest, or hottest rides in the country, but it gets the job done. Pictured is the 220 ft. tall Wild Thing. No loops, upside down twists, just huge and fast. There is a new magnetic track coaster and a few others. 6 hours, 95 degrees, $100 less... it was a good day.

One thing I loved and hated... I had to keep reminding my self over and over again...
she's probably only 16, stop staring at the bikinis, there's the gutter, get the mind out of it. DAMN! I don't remember when I was 16, the girls dressing anywhere like that. Wow... wow... Daughters do drive fathers to early graves... from worrying.

Joe, Moving on...